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About Us

The Delil Education Academy is an act of education.

The presentation of knowledge to the Alevi community through education and academic work is a mandatory and inevitable historical responsibility. This historical task and responsibility will be brought together through the Delil Education Academy and shared through a dissemination strategy to lay the foundations and contribute to the creation of a shared vision. Due to the problems that Alevi Cultural Centres face with institutionalising and with staffing it results in them being inadequate in producing solutions in terms ofpolitical, theological, social, legal, educational, academic, cultural and arts needs in both general and current issues.

It is not possible to transcend problems that we are experiencing in social, political, legal, cultural and religious terms, through only the efforts of the associations. This situation shows that the confusion for Alevi institutions in terms of their intellectual, political, religious and historical approaches, continues. The ambiguities created by the lack of intellectual vision delays the process of overcoming institutional chaos, internal institutional problems and problems between institutions themselves. The Delil Education Academywill produce solutions to problems and answer to questions that we all have,within the framework of scientific disciplines and Alevi teachings.