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DEA Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. Bedriye Poyraz
Full Professor of Media Studies at Ankara University, Faculty of Communication. Currently she is visiting scholar at Harvard, CMES to research historical perspective of Dersim 38 Massacre. She received her MA and PhD. degrees from Ankara University. Dr. Poyraz lectures and researches on media studies, gender; equality, discrimination and related issues, human rights; freedom of speech and media freedom in Turkey. Also she lectures and researches memory studies on context of human rights and societal confrontation in Turkey. After receiving her PhD, her main interests have been the cultural identity of Alevis, Kızılbashes, Kızılbash history and Alevi massacres, especially Dersim 38 Massacre (the biggest massacre in history of Turkish Republic). She has written several papers and books on this subject.
Associate Professor Mustafa Şen
Mr. Sen is an associate professor in Department of Sociology at Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara. He graduated from the department of Economics at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University. He received his PhD in Sociology from METU in 2001 with the thesis entitled ‘Turkish Entrepreneurs in Central Asia: The Case of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan’. His main areas of interest are economic sociology, sociology of religion, and Turkey’s social and cultural relations with Central Asian countries. His current research is concerned with activities of official and non-official Turkish Islamic organizations in Europe and Central Asia and the transformation of state-religion relations in Turkey.
Assistant Professor Besim Can Zırh
Mr. Zırh is an assistant professor working at the Sociology Department, Middle East Technical University (Ankara), where he also graduated first in sociology (BA) in 2002 and then in political sciences (MSc) in 2015. He received his PhD in Social Anthropology from the University College London in 2012. His dissertation focused on the migration experiences of Alevis and their transnational networks in the case of funerary practices. He conducted a two-yearmulti-sited ethnographic field research including Alevi organizations in Berlin, Cologne, London and Oslo. His research interests include diaspora politics and home-town associations.
PhD, Reserach Assistant/Lecturer Cemal Salman
Obtained his BA degree in Public Administration (2004) and MA degree in Political and Social Sciences (2008) at the Gazi University. While working in Turkish Employment Agency (2005-2011), he has been to New-Delhi/India for to research on E-Governance Implementations and Labour Force Productivity in 2006; London-UK on employment policies and practises at Job centres in 2010; and Köln-Germany on Diaspora Alevis in 2014. He got his PhD at İstanbul University in 2015 with the thesis of ‘Transformation of Alevi Identity in the Process of Migration and Urbanization’ and he continues to teach as a PhD/Research Assistant and Lecturer at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. He specifically studies Alevism as: Effects of migration and urbanization process on Alevi society; spatial organization, practises and problems of Alevis; collective memory and identity.