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DEA’s Target Audience

• Religious Institutions (Ocaks, Dedes, Anas, BektasiBabas)
• Areas in Faith (education on Alevism, Cem, the 12 Services, Musicians, Semah, poet traditions etc)
• European Confederation of Alevi Associations, Alevi Cultural Centre Directors and Members
• Students, academics, employees of the social sector
• Families and children
• Youth and Women
• European public opinion (multilingual events of the Delil Education Academythat are open to the public, delivery of information about the world’s politics surrounding current and general issues to different social segments)
• Turkish public (publications by the Delil Education Academy, joint studies with Turkey)

DEA’s Objectives

• To create Delil Education Academies in all regions throughout Germany
• To ensure the establishment of Delil Education Academies in all countries where the Federation is a member of the European Confederation of Alevi Associations.
• To establish a society of European Delil Education Academies
• To establish the integrity of principles and values based on common understandings within Alevi society and institutions.
• To ensure the sharing of lasting, sustainable relationships and experiences among the Alevi institutions.
• To promote the set-up of scientific, academic, social and cultural organisations at a national and international level and in doing so, increase the capacity of those institutions to take their own initiative.
• To promote the centralised annual training schedule and programme and its subjects, objectives, educational aims, and trainers.
• To include experts from Europe and Turkey in the work of the Delil Education Academy
• To organiseDelil Education Academy training in Europe for Turkish, German, English and French language speaking groups. There will be an option for education opportunities in different languages if requests are made byother countries.
• To create an inventory of the books and research published in Turkey and around the world relating to Alevi society and to create an Academy library in the name of Koray Kaya
• To create a website, Facebook page, Twitter address and Instagram page for the Delil Education Academy.
• To promote the identity of Alevis and carry it tothe public eye.
• To contact and collaborate with non-governmental organisations to strengthen the structure of Alevi institutions.
• To publish an academic journal at regular intervals
• Organising national and regional meetings for participants.
• To carry out exemplary work in different areaswithin theDelil Education Academy.
• To implement the Delil Education Academy Annual Training Program and award certificates to successful participants.